Spotlight On: Bien Venue

Bien Venue has remained a leader in the boutique events industry for years. The company is dedicated to providing an array of event and venue services such as venue sourcing, event management, corporate entertainment, and team building activities – all collectively achieved with the outstanding A* service that Bien Venue always delivers to its clients.

This blog as part of our 25th Anniversary is very self-indulgent and will cover some of the main aspects of how Bien Venue operates on a day-to-day basis and some of the key services and tools we have to offer.

How does Bien Venue always find the right venue in the right location?

With decades of experience in the event and venue industry, Bien Venue’s experts are filled with the knowledge and skills to find and execute bespoke service to all of their clients – leading them straight into finding the right venue and right location for each client. They have a wealth of understanding of working within various industries, with some proven speciality in the education, charity, association, and training sectors.

Bien Venue never focuses purely on client satisfaction – instead, they aim to go above and beyond client expectations with every project they take on. When initially enquiring for a corporate service for an event, a Bien Venue expert will be with you every step of the way, from the primary ideas of the event to the completion of the project.

Advanced Tools to Provide Efficiency

Bien Venue has researched and since implemented various technological tools to support its services to clients. Each year, clients’ demands increase, and they often require the ability to self-serve themselves – Bien Venue provides this with different data management and online portal tools. In addition to an online client portal, the Bien Venue team has also integrated an online venue finder (free to use), and a bespoke online inquiry form. Using the client portal, you will be able to access all of your past bookings and events and monitor upcoming ones – 24 hours a day. The online portals allow their clients’ own staff and delegates to book meeting rooms and accommodation in their own or externally sourced venues.

The online accommodation booking portal, also known as BVine, allows you to book and make reservations and manage your stays through a fully branded platform. BVine will enable you to search and book global business hotels 24 hours a day from almost 300,000 hotels worldwide, keeping you in control. Additionally, it will allow you to keep track of your team members, which helps contact them.

Delivering The Truly Special – All Venue Aspects Catered For

All organisational matters, such as onsite management, dietaries, table planning, logistics and transportation, will be taken care of by the experts at Bien Venue. We will provide you with as little or as much event management services as you require. We are all experienced in taking care of all the small details to ensure that the event goes smoothly. With some clients, Bien Venue only takes care of the venue finding services – but with others, we can manage everything, from running the event onsite to looking after all the pre-event logistics such as setting up registration websites, managing pre-orders and accommodation requests.  

Bien Venue: Your Go-To Event Agency

Numerous Bien Venue clients have stayed loyal to the company due to the A* service we always deliver.

Testimonials from the best – don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

When using Bien Venue, there are no hidden fees as their day to day venue finding service is completely free for venues based within the UK and Ireland. The rest of the additional services required by your company will be clearly outlined at the enquiry stage. They always provide bespoke client service and have a unique way of dealing with briefs in a professional and timely manner. They will provide you with alternative and exciting options for your entertainment events and will also propose a minimum of 3-5 options plus a wild card venue option for your bespoke package.

Our consultative approach is second to none, our team become an extension of your team #OurTeamIsYourTeam.

Get in touch with the team via email or contact them on +44 (0)1625 877776 for any event requirement.  To find out more about their free venue finding service, or the accommodation booking portal – please visit the website –

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