Are you looking for new ways to engage, bond with and improve the performance of your team? If the answer is YES, then you have come to the right place!

We all have different ideas when it comes to teambuilding; from whether it’s a worthwhile expense to what sort of activities are deemed appropriate… But fear not, Bien Venue are here to answer any questions you have, and to guide you towards team harmony, aka the #DreamTeam

Firstly, let’s look at why teambuilding is such an integral part of business;
The term teambuilding refers to the process of turning a group of individuals into a cohesive TEAM, creating an organized and cooperative group of people whose common goal is to meet the needs of their customers.
Many teambuilding exercises are aimed at exposing and addressing interpersonal problems within a group of individuals.
After completing teambuilding activities together, employees tend to better understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which can significantly improve workplace performance in a team-based environment.


4x4 rally driving


So, you’ve decided that you need to organise some teambuilding… what next?
Now it’s time to consider your objectives; it’s important to have clearly defined individual and team goals, for example:
– I would like my team to communicate more effectively with each other
– I would like my team to be more self-motivated
– I would like to resolve conflict amongst team members
Once you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, it’s time to think about which teambuilding activities are suitable, and of course fit within your budget.
The fun part…!
Choosing the right teambuilding activity for your company can be fantastically fun, but can also be extremely confusing, as there are so many options available. We have rounded up some of the hottest options, along with those all-time classics which have proven success stories…

Ice-breakers – for team members to get to know one another

  • Test out your circus skills, and learn how to juggle not just your workload, but some colourful beanbags!
  • Get nostalgic with the giant Human Parachute in a series of against the clock teambuilding challenges
  • Make sweet music using multi-coloured boom whackers… The name alone makes this activity fun!


– improving communication and breaking down barriers

  • There’s no better way to illustrate the importance of good communication than driving your colleagues around a series of obstacles whilst blindfolded
  • Get ready for a frenzied game of human table football, where communication is the key to success!
  • Prove yourself a worthy team player by taking part in the ultimate escape room challenge. The only question is… are you brave enough?

GPS treasure huntEnergizers

– to get your team motivated

  • Get competitive with a game of crazy golf or test your team’s balance skills on the dreaded rodeo bull!
  • Hire in a bouncy castle, ball pool or bungee runner for a seriously energetic day out of the office (be warned there may be some bruised legs… and egos!)
  • Get set for Dragon boat racing, because when else can you have a go at a 2,000-year-old Chinese tradition?!


Away Days/Weekends for some serious team bonding

  • Test out your team’s navigation skills and send them on a GPS treasure hunt around a foreign city, finishing with a local cuisine cookery class as a reward!
  • Take a husky ride through Poland, charter a yacht around Barcelona or check out the sights of Amsterdam from your very own canal boat.


Whether you’re adding teambuilding to an existing event, or creating something from scratch, Bien Venue can help find you the perfect option!
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