Top Tips for Planning Events Post COVID

July 19th, otherwise known as “Freedom Day”, has come, and gone and planning for business meeting, conferences and social events have returned.

So, now the gloves are off so to speak, what does the rest of 2021 look like for venues and live events?

As event management experts, our team at BV are well-equipped to answer your questions about what to expect in the future. So, let’s jump in and discuss the return of live events and the opportunities for your business.

The Appetite for Events – July and Beyond

MIT Magazine carried out research earlier in the year that showed the majority (35%) of event organisers anticipated booking live events in July if restrictions lifted were lifted in June. As we know, this didn’t quite happen, but it’s fair to move things forward a month now that we have entered Stage 4, and apply their findings to August and beyond.

Now, on to the findings.

In terms of event style and popularity, 43% of organisers said delegates are most likely to initially attend conferences as we enter Stage 4. Business awards and networking events followed closely in second and third, with tradeshows ranking in seventh place, which is understandable.

Hybrid events also look set to see a further boom, with 40% of event planners indicating an appetite for this style of event as we progress through the year.

The big-hitter stat, however, is that 84% of employers would feel comfortable asking their employees to attend an in-person, live event in 2021, as long as no government restrictions are in place.

This is of course the case as of July 19th, and is fantastic for the planning of your future events. However, there are still plenty of considerations to make.

Live Future Events – Considerations to Make

While it’s mostly positive news when it comes to live events, there are a host of new concerns when it comes to the planning and implementation of ideas.

From layouts to event spaces, choosing between hybrid or a fully live experience, risk assessments and risk management, there are more things to think about than ever before, but we’re here to help.

Our professional and experienced team of event management experts are able to guide and work with you in a consultation role, helping to alleviate the stress associated with event planning.

With this in mind, here are a few key questions to consider when planning live events for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022:

  • Have you reviewed your event structure? – This includes layouts, event timings, and refreshment breaks, all of which may need to be adapted to limit COVID cases and avoid another lockdown.
  • Is your location suitable? – It’s not just about proximity to train stations and airports anymore as more people will be choosing to drive solo, so you need to consider accessibility in these terms.
  • Can you move your location closer to your delegates, rather than aiming to be more central to a city centre or close to your office?
  • Could you downsize your event, making it run as a series of smaller events rather than one large national one, to reduce numbers?
  • How about hybrid? – Would this approach work better for your event? Hybrid looks to boom in popularity now restrictions have lifted, which means it will be key for event planning.

Take a look at our recent Virtual and Hybrid Events Blog for more info on the hybrid approach.

The Venue Perspective – Venues are Open!

Conference and event venues were at the forefront of COVID planning, and have had strategies in place for a number of months.

The majority have followed the Meeting Industry Associations (MIA) Roadmap to Reopening Guide which has been a massive help, providing guidance on how best to securely open venues around the UK.

What’s more, we have taken it upon ourselves at BV to visit a number of locations over the last year, and we were pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the steps venue owners had taken to tackle the virus.

With risk assessments now available for bookers to review ahead of time, delegates have been made to safe in event spaces once again as restrictions are lifted.

And for that extra peace of mind, we guarantee that our team are not only passionate about events, but passionate about keeping delegates safe.

This means we can assure you that any venue we suggest is capable of safely hosting your event and making a success of it for your team, with the option of favourable cancellation terms to add to your peace of mind.

The Future Event Brief

All in all, it’s down to the planner to agree the objective of your event before it takes place. Considerations regarding correct formats need to be planned ahead of time, and delegates need to be safe and not worried about things going wrong.

You therefore need to think about event style, venue suitability, and what you can actually choose in terms of logistics. Factors such as whether or not your event should be fully face-to-face or hybrid is a key conversation taking place in the events industry at the moment, so you need to ensure you select the right option for your event.

Our recommendation is to have a list of fundamental criteria which are non-negotiable and have an open mind for the other elements, think outside the box and be creative.

BVs Top 3 Tips

Let’s take a look at some of our top tips for event hosting, starting with the ever-important location…

  • Location, location, location – Make sure your delegates can easily reach your live event venue. Logistics are more vital than ever in a post-lockdown landscape, so make it as simple as possible for car travel as well as public transport. Include remote attendance as part of a hybrid approach if possible.
  • Hybrid or face-to-face? – Evaluate whether or not a hybrid approach suits your requirements, or whether your target audience feel comfortable to host a fully face-to-face affair. This particularly applies if you’re having large events with hundreds of delegates. Virtual is becoming less and less popular but may also need to be considered if all else fails. Hybrid looks key to the future of events at least over the next year or so, and for the remainder of 2021 at least, it could be the best of both worlds.
  • Consider a COVID policy – COVID is going to be here foreseeable future, so you need to be prepared if you’re hosting a live or hybrid event. Establish re-opening policies that cover measures you have in place, and make sure there are policies from the venue too. It’s also a good idea to include a travel policy, comprising of changes to dinner allowances and use of public transport over vehicle mileage.

And last but not least… Use an expert! BV Events are here to help and can assist you every step of the way when it comes to event planning or why not use our Free Venue Finding Tool.

Free Venue Finding Tool

By using our Free Venue Finding Tool, you can select the perfect option for your corporate event.

We provide information on risk management policies and the amenities available at each venue, as well as transport links, location types, and which kinds of events work best for each location, among other key considerations.

Our Free Venue Finding Tool is therefore the perfect way to find your perfect venue to host the perfect event for your delegates.

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