A room decorated for a corporate awards event - black table clothes and chair backs are draped in shiny gold material, lights adorn the room, and table are laid with fresh, gleaming cutlery and glassware

The event brief – your blueprint for successful events

A solid event brief is just one tool we use to gather essential information on your planned event. We can either talk this through with you – we prefer this to explore more detail – or we can use what you submit in our client portal as the basis for an initial venue search and event proposal.

In this blog, we explore why each of the points in an event brief are crucial for us to understand. Afterall, in event planning, the devil is in the details!

Name of event

It might seem obvious, but defining the event’s name sets the tone and is the foundation for all subsequent planning efforts. A clear and catchy title can capture the attention of your guests, and communicates the essence of the event. In the early stages of event planning it can be just a simple place holder and working title.

Start date and end date

Setting firm dates is crucial for logistical planning and budgeting. Changing event dates can have significant cost implications, especially when renegotiating contracts with venues, vendors, and suppliers. Additionally, altering dates may impact attendees’ availability and could require additional marketing efforts to communicate the change effectively.

What’s more, any element of flexibility in dates allows for contingency plans, accommodating unforeseen circumstances without derailing the entire event. It also enables us to source the most cost-effective venue for your budget and needs.


What is the purpose of the event? Understanding the objectives or desired ROI allows us to tailor every aspect of the event to meet our clients’ goals, whether it’s to encourage employee relationships and network, celebrate achievements, launch a product or service, or raise funds for your corporate charity.

Your audience

Understanding who will be attending the event is crucial to creating an engaging and memorable experience for all your delegates. Knowing their demographics and preferences allows us to tailor every aspect of the event to their needs and expectations. This includes everything from the choice of venue style and catering, method of content delivery, and any accessibility needs to event themes and branding.

Venue style

The venue sets the stage for the event, quite literally. Factors like capacity, location, bedrooms, amenities, and design can make or break the attendee experience. By identifying the proposed venue early on, we can tailor other aspects of the event to complement its unique characteristics.

Event budget

Money matters, and being upfront about the budget enables us to work within our clients’ financial constraints while setting and meeting their expectations and delivering exceptional results.

A well-defined budget serves as our roadmap, guiding join client decisions on everything from venue selection and event production, to décor and entertainment.


From event management to production and everything in between, identifying the required services ensures no detail is overlooked. Whether our clients need assistance with venue sourcing, delegate management, or travel arrangements, we’re equipped to provide comprehensive support at every step.

You can find all of the services we offer on this site, BVEvents.co.uk/Services.

Event Management

Entrusting the coordination and execution of the event to our experienced professionals reduces stress and ensures a seamless experience for you and your attendees. From pre-event contracting and logistics to on-site coordination, and post-event consolidated invoicing, our event management team oversees every aspect of the event with precise attention to detail.

“For a service that I didn’t even know existed three years ago, it’s now hard to imagine ever running an event without this amazing on-site support! Mark is an absolute superstar, and such an enormous help to have on-site – with his vast experience of events and hospitality, he is always two steps ahead, which makes my job a whole lot easier in so many ways!”

“Once again, this [pre-planning/logistics] is where BV shines! They take care of every small detail, and always responds quickly to any queries, as well as putting forward lots of great ideas and solutions as needed.”

Event Booker, Education Industry Company

Venue find

Finding the perfect venue can be daunting. Our venue-finding service streamlines the process, leveraging our extensive network of venue and hotel partners to secure a space that aligns with your event vision, budget, and logistical requirements.

We also like to use our specialist venue knowledge and event experience to throw in a wild card venue – often, this added creative spin becomes our client’s venue of choice.

Delegate management

Depending on the size of your event, managing attendees can become a complex process encompassing event registration, communication, and on-site support. Our delegate management services streamline the process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for everyone.


Production elements, such as stage design, lighting, and audiovisual (AV), significantly contribute to bringing an event to life.

Adding or changing production elements after the initial planning stages can incur substantial costs, as it may involve redesigning layouts. Production needs can also impact the event search – venues differ in what they can provide in-house, at what cost, and what we need to hire from third-party suppliers for you.

So, carefully considering production needs upfront and incorporating them into the initial budget and planning can avoid venue contract changes and additional costs.


Managing travel logistics is crucial for events involving delegates from out of town or country. Our business travel services simplify the process, handling everything from airport shuttle transportation to group accommodation and travel itineraries with efficiency and attention to detail.


A comfortable room and well-equipped room is essential for event delegates to, ensure a good night’s sleep, restful downtime, and refreshed minds ready to engage. By coordinating accommodation options that meet your preferences and budgets, we enhance the overall attendee experience.

Proposed venue

The venue is often one of the most significant expenses in event planning. The choice can influence various other areas of your event, including catering, décor, and delegate travel. Changing the venue late in the planning process can incur hefty penalties or necessitate reconfiguring other elements to suit the new space. This can potentially lead to unexpected costs and logistical challenges. Bien Venue can manage this entire process for you to prevent late changes and unfavourable contract terms.

And, if you already have a venue in mind, or have already contracted the space yourself, we can manage the booking from this point onwards.

Either way, we focus on the venue as our number one priority for your event!


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