A Day in the Life of one of our International Team

Ruby Ortiz-Mulroy is a busy lady! She’s an International Venue Consultant, who joined Bien Venue earlier this year and works hard to ensure our clients international events run smoothly.

Ruby’s days are usually filled with to-do lists, keeping track of various time zones, fluctuating currency values and a whole mixture of different languages (of which she can speak not just 1, but 5!)

Let’s peek into an average working day for Ruby, and into the world of an International Venue Consultant…

Ruby is an early riser, usually starting her day with a refreshing swim before getting ready and heading to the station. She tells us, “I like to spend my train journey checking on international exchange rates and reading through my to-do list, to get me prepared for the day ahead!”

Once at the office, Ruby & the team she works with spend the first couple of hours checking through her emails. Ruby says, “it is important to check my emails first thing, as due to various time zones, I tend to receive a lot of emails overnight that may require actioning straight away”.

By the time mid-morning arrives Ruby is in full swing, allocating her time between researching international venues, organising transfers and accommodation for upcoming events, and arranging venue visits on behalf of her clients. Ruby tells us “I have a passion for travelling, and I like to meet new people, so working in an international role is very fulfilling”.

As well as travelling, Ruby’s hobbies involve swimming, playing tennis and cooking up her delicious PANCIT CANTON Philippine Noodles for lunch, which she often shares with the Bien Venue office!

Come the afternoon, Ruby spends her time checking in on clients, finalising details with venues and making sure her administration is up to date. When asked what is important to her as an International Venue Consultant, Ruby said “making sure that all of my clients and overseas partners experience a seamless and friendly service from start to finish”.

Before leaving for the day Ruby’s final task is to write herself a new to-do list, of course!

For more information on how Bien Venue can assist with your upcoming international events, please do contact us on sales@bvevents.co.uk / tel: 01625 877 776