Corporate Entertainment Ideas

As the corporate event experts here at Bien Venue, we take pride in our work. In the past years, we have organised hundreds of corporate events for our clients across the country. We understand how important a successful event is when entertaining employees, clients, and partners – which is why we want to help you achieve precisely that.

As we are nearing the new year, we wanted to gift you our top picks and suggestions for your 2022 entertainment events and further explain how we will accomplish the most memorable event for your business.

Experts In The Field – “Our Team Is Your Team”

A great deal of attention must be paid to every detail, from the main act to more minor elements and interactions.

Our team is well-versed in the expectations of corporate events, and we know what it takes to create events that are first class.

For example, we believe that it is the grand show that makes an event memorable. Your event may be filled with hundreds of little delights that engage and appeal to your attendees, but only the main event of entertainment is designed to impress and awe them.

The key is to focus on the audience and acknowledge their specific needs – you should provide them with something they will enjoy and may even be surprised by. The way to do this is to stand out from the crowd by finding unique and exclusive events so that your business is booming. Whether it is for clients or employees, corporate events help to showcase the company’s values and capabilities. Our corporate events are intended to create bonding opportunities for employees, share company culture initiatives, and spark collaborations. 

This will only be achievable if all the sideline aspects, such as accommodation and hospitality, are also taken care of to fulfil the dynamics of a successful corporate event. 

How We Can Help

Due to the many tailored services we offer, we will be fully invested in planning every aspect from the special day, starting from travel arrangements to accommodation.

We know that every event may not be local unless requested. Therefore, we understand that organising travel arrangements can be pretty daunting, especially for large volumes of groups. 

If you want to travel in style, we can provide you with a first-class commute via trains, busses or even travel by air. You name it; we can provide it.

Setting up accommodation at the most suitable hotels and B&B’s is another detail we can also help and provide you with.

Something that sets us apart from other companies is that we offer an online tailored room booking tool – where your representatives can book stays for your attendees directly with no administrative fees.

As an added convenience, we can also combine billing. As well as working with company event organisers and agency event teams, our in-house team can take over the entire project.

Our Top Picks For Corporate Entertainment Events

Hopefully, all the information we have given you has helped you understand why corporate entertainment events will benefit your business and how we can help you achieve them.

It is now time for us to share some of our favourite examples of events taking place this year – all with individual attributes that may suit the dynamics of your group.


It is that time of the year when we hear tennis balls hitting turf and glasses of Pimms fizzing. We are talking about the prestigious tennis tournament in London – Wimbledon. This major tennis event is held annually in late June and early July, giving you the prime opportunity to enjoy the British Summer in impressive surroundings.


Bound to provide excitement and an adrenaline rush, why not opt for Formula 1’s British Grand Prix. Sitting trackside will provide you with an unbeatable atmosphere, as you will be front and centre to the unforgettable trackside action and see the latest supercars and F1 legends. VIP packages are also available for this event, including the best trackside views, complimentary bar service, gourmet grazing menu, and guest compères throughout the weekend: the ultimate VIP experience.


Want to feel like a Royal? This high-society must see a five-day event filled with horseracing, fine dining, and eye-stopping fashion. The traditions of this event have run over decades. We can arrange you with their hospitality packages, which will leave you spoilt for choice with multiple different options available.


Last but not least, we have the Hanley Festival. Nothing speaks more of entertainment than a festival. An exclusive boutique black-tie festival over five days, Hanley Festival celebrates the best of the UK and International music and arts. It is truly unique due to providing exceptional experiences for comedy, art, great food, and drinks. They strive to support young and local talent; however, some of their celebrity visitors have included James Blunt, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Sara Cox in the past years.


For a personalised quotation for any of the above events, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01625 877 776 or email

What does Event Management mean to us?

We see event management as any part of the planning process from conception to delivery, it’s not just the onsite event management we specialise in but also the pre-planning and logistics plus post event. Our flexible approach means you can pick and choose which of our services you would like to use or just use our free UK venue finding service.