Bien Venue’s 2018 Highlights!

What a year it’s been! It seems to have flown by but looking back on our 2018 highlights we’ve also packed a lot in! As a boutique events agency, our aims are always clear; to grow our business without compromising on quality. Developing relationships with partners, growing as a team and exceeding our clients’ expectations is an essential part of our ethos. This year, we can proudly say we achieved all this and more.

Growing our business

We couldn’t start our 2018 highlights without mentioning our success in growing our business and client base this year. We’ve grown existing business, for example extending our services to one client we worked with in Manchester into their bases in London and Dublin too. We were also incredibly excited to start working with one of the world’s most prestigious training qualifiers this year.

In July, we hosted our own networking event at Chamber Space in Manchester. With a harpist and treats for every attendee, we were able to make face-to-face connection; an invaluable thing in business.


Bien Venue networking event at Chamber Space, Manchester.

Indeed, our Venue Consultant Olivia Tragheim says “My highlight of the year would be meeting the client I work with every day for almost two years. It was great to meet the people I talk to all day every day, and improve that relationship.”

Connecting with our partners (and treats along the way!)

As a boutique events agency we work with a host of partners, from one-off venues to some of the world’s most prestigious hotel chains. It is important for us to maintain professional relationships with each and every supplier, and we are very lucky to have a lot of them visit us throughout the year. From Hilton Roadshow delivering Halloween treats, to the Titanic Hotel laying on a delicious lunch, to attending a gorgeous three-course meal at Mottram Hall just before Christmas; our partners do spoil us rotten!

A highlight for many of our team this year was our trip to London in October! Hosted by Radisson Edwardian Blu Hotels, we stayed at the RBE Grafton hotel for the first evening. Along the way enjoyed great meals and hospitality as well as a walking tour of central London via four RBE properties.  “I’ve never been to London before,” says Olivia Tragheim, “so getting to experience everything we did as part of my job was great!” On the second night of our trip the team were hosted a Amba Hotel Marble Arch; another fantastic London hotel whose hospitality we were lucky enough to enjoy.

Team trip to London

Building our team

Although we do business globally, Bien Venue’s core team is relatively small. In a recent blog our Director, Sam, has spoken about how this is an important part of giving our clients the personal touch. As such, building up the current members of our team and working as a unit are very important to us.

“My highlight of my 2018 working year is joining such a lovely team at BV in January.” says our Venue Consultant Karen Hamilton, and it’s certainly been a pleasure getting to know Karen too!

Imogen Longdon completed her apprenticeship with us in October, receiving an NVQ in Business and Administration. She has now been welcomed onto the team as a fulltime Venue Consultant, too, and is a great addition!

Right now we’re also looking for a new Office Manage, so if you’d like to become a member of the Bien Venue family take a look at the job description here.

Giving back

With such a successful year, we’ve also been lucky enough to be able to give back. From small things like our Macmillan Cancer coffee morning in September, so our commitment to support a small charity across the entire year.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

“One of my personal 2018 highlights,” says Account Manager Hayley Young, “was chosing Signhealth as our charity of the year.”

Recently, as a way of raising more funds for the deaf health charity, we’ve been asking partners who visit to donate to the Signhealth rather than buying the team lunch. We’ve had some generous contributions already and want to thank everyone wholeheartedly!


So that’s it, our highlights of 2018! We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for Bien Venue. Happy New Year from us to all of you!