A small group of adults in casual clothing, having a team huddle in a sunny woodland area

Away day activities – ways to recognise and reward your team

It’s the time if year when company leaders who haven’t yet done so, consider booking team away day activities to inspire, incentivise and reward employees. So, as the sun comes out to get you thinking about outdoor trips, our event experts put together a list of ideas for team away day activities.

Active away day activities

A bit of healthy competition can be fun as well as motivational, and you can consider your team’s abilities and the accessibility of an activity and location before choosing from these ideas:

GPS treasure hunt

This immersive team challenge has many variations, from pubs and cities to hunts in the dark. They create a real sense of adventure, drama, and anticipation and really get the grey matter to work over several hours. Your task will begin with a team briefing before your teams are sent on the hunt. GPS treasure hunts are a fab option for teams of all sizes – from 5 to 500 or more.

We can even plan a shorter hunt for the breakout session of your corporate conference.

Corporate golf day

A golfing away day is a classic corporate event. Whether its a treat for your team or clients, or a corporate fundraising event, we can find you the perfect spot. How about a stay at the home of the 2010 Ryder Cup – Celtic Manor Resort in South Wales? With three championship golf courses at this European Tour venue, your team is spoilt for choice! The venue even offers great value ‘exclusive use’ corporate golf days for the ultimate golf day experience.

If South Wales isn’t where you’re heading, how about East Sussex National Golf Resort & Spa? East Sussex National Golf Club is one of the best golf courses in its area. The club features two unique championship golf courses played on by some of the most well-known names in golf, including Sir Nick Faldo and Colin Montgomerie.

Check out our Corporate Golf Day blog for more UK gold venues!

Team Olympics

Let the battle commence! From the opening ceremony right through to the medal ceremony for the winners of some serious and fun sporting activities, a team Olympics is fantastic for big teambuilding groups. Games can be suitable for all abilities. And with all that shouting to encourage each other’s teammates, the office might be a bit quiet for a few days afterwards. Fancy something more light-hearted? Turn your Olympics into an old-skool school sports day!

Charity bike ride or build

How about a charity team bike ride? Raising funds for your company charity while riding through the countryside is one way to do this, and it can easily be tied in with some relaxation at the end, like a stay in Mottram Hall or De Vere Cotswold Water Park.

You could also combine the event with a charity bike build by one of our teambuilding partners, GOTO Events. This is a uniquely collaborative activity in which your delegates build bicycles from scratch to be donated to children and families in need. But there’s a catch – the team must complete skill-based workshops and fun challenges to earn the tools and parts for the bike build. With a shared and purposeful goal, this is a brilliant activity for uniting people.

Water sports

Imagine a water-fuelled adrenaline rush! From Wakeboarding, Paddleboarding, and Jet Skiing to flying a Hovercraft, and a giant inflatable obstacle course on water, Ride leisure at Wyboston Lakes Resort offers all that and more at its purpose-built facilities, lakes and Aqua park. It also offers Jet Lev water-based jet packs which are a great for a team incentive prize or as a part of your group’s fun on the water.

Adventure Parc Snowdonia’s magnificent inland surf lagoon offers a fab option for Team Building and surfing lessons – imagine guaranteed perfect consistent surf! Our spotlight on North Wales provides more details on activities in the area, too.

Teambuilding with bite (not literally – that means you’re doing it wrong)

With locations across the UK, ‘Teambuilding With BITE’ is not just for an unforgettable corporate away day! Its activities provide enrichment items such as feeding devices and enclosure furniture that zoo animals would not normally have access to as animal staff are unavoidably limited by time and resource availability. This means your team can take part in unique and fun events, knowing they are making a genuine difference. What’s more, you’ll help provide funds for The Shape of Enrichment charity, enabling more of its invaluable work improving animal welfare worldwide.

Duck herding

Yes, it’s really a thing. We tried it and loved it! Your venue host lets loose some lively ducks, and your team instructs a well-trained collie dog to manoeuvre the quackers around an obstacle course and back into a pen.

This one is hilarious and always a hit!

Blindfold driving

This one will seriously challenge your team’s communication skills. One of the team has a blindfold placed over their eyes and is in charge of a vehicle. The others direct the driver around a course. There are variations, too. Some courses won’t allow using simple ‘left, right’ directional language. And for those that do, you’d be surprised by how fast people forget which is which when someone else is driving blind. It’s fun and certainly a challenge!

Soap box derby

Work against the clock to design and build your ultimate human-powered pedal kart. Decorate the kart with your team’s name and colours and enhance it with a daft racing uniform. Once your build is complete, it is the driver’s turn to take the spotlight as they go head-to-head towards the chequered flag. This adult team-building activity is the stuff of childhood dreams – go for glory!

Looking for something a little less full-on?

Corporate spa retreat

Imagine spending several nights in a luxury spa, enjoying pampering and relaxation treatments, the finest food, and five-star sleep! We can create the perfect itinerary for your guests to relax. From stress-free yoga, meditation and swims, to rejuvenating facials, massages and steam rooms, experience the ultimate unwind! Check out our blog on rural retreats for a selection of venues perfect for these away days.

Nature retreat

“There are health and wellbeing benefits to spending time in nature. It’s shown to particularly tackle mild to moderate depression, feelings of stress, and anxiety.”

That’s what Dom Higgins, The Wildlife Trust, says about one of the areas where contact with nature could have a positive effect. And while a million fewer people are gaining health benefits from nature since 2020, you can help restore the numbers. You can remind your teams of the joys of nature. This break doesn’t just have to be about team bonding. It can be about mental clarity, lowering stress, and creating a calming and welcoming retreat experience. From campfires and cold-water swimming to forest walks and BBQs!

Other considerations

Remember, you don’t have to pick a single activity. For a truly personalised away day, you can mix and match the activities based on your teams and your goals. Especially if your away day is over several days or a weekend!

We can support you with everything from the itinerary to the logistics, plus the booking and supplier management. So, get in touch to talk about your next Corporate Away Day and Retreat.