6 reasons to include team building in your next corporate event

At Bien Venue, we love demonstrating our creativity and competitiveness – it’s in our bones. 

And one of the best ways to do it is through team building activities. Team building has many benefits, so we always consider how it can work for the client events we manage.

Here, we share some of the advantages of team building for you and your business. And we share the thoughts of some experts we work with to add that extra team building spark to your events.

1. Communication skills

You already know that the communication skills of your employees are crucial to your business’s success. So, have you considered that team building can boost those skills by encouraging people to communicate in task completion and problem-solving? 

If you can help people relax in a fun environment outside the workplace, you allow them to open up and share ideas and solutions to team building problems.

Expert voice:

“Communication is arguably the most vital part of any good team, it allows employees the confidence to offer ideas and raise concerns, allowing team leaders to listen to their team and see different perspectives on an idea. To strengthen the communication between team members, team building activities can go a long way to build up a sense of trust, comradery, and friendship both between work colleagues and between employer and employee.” – Steve Perkins, GOTO Events

Team building activities get employees working together in fun and dynamic ways. Whether it’s interactive photo challenges or trivia questions, communication thrives when employees collaborate on engaging tasks. By getting employees to focus on playful objectives during team building activities, communication skills naturally develop.” – Nick Hume, Wildgoose

2. Productivity 

Improved communication skills and confidence can encourage greater collaboration. So, through team build activities that bring people together in working towards a shared objective, you can promote greater productivity. Productivity comes from reduced work duplication because the team works so closely that they understand everyone’s role.

Expert voice:

“One of the key objectives of a team building activity is to strengthen relationships within teams. This offers clarity on the different roles, responsibilities and skills that make up an organization. Team building activities create clear paths of communication and help teams reach outcomes cohesively, essential skills in increasing productivity.” – Nick Hume, Wildgoose

“Team building demonstrates to employees that the business wants to increase communication and cross-team working. We all know a happy workplace is a productive, cohesive workplace, and good team building activities inspire this and help boost this to another level.” – Martin Stephens, Off Limits.

“The benefits of team building are ultimately long-term. Team building shares a clear message that employers are invested in the workforce – which in hindsight increases productivity and motivation amongst the team. It’s surprising what a little appreciation amongst the workforce can do!” – Steve Perkins, GOTO Events

3. Self-esteem and confidence

Even the most introverted of people can shine when you put them in the hands of professional team builders. It’s not about forcing people into uncomfortable situations; it’s about spotting their strengths and helping them shine. You’d be surprised at the self-confidence an expert can help to build.

Expert voice:

“Challenges posed in team building activities present opportunities for employees to show off skills that often don’t relate to their role. Participants may bond over common interests or simply learn something new about their colleagues. Team building activities help teams uplift one another for their strengths and get employees out of their shells.” – Nick Hume, Wildgoose

Feedback from an employee: 

“When I worked out the code to help our team, it gave me a huge buzz. Managers I wouldn’t usually dream of speaking to were listening to me and congratulating me. While we didn’t beat the other team in the task, I definitely won that day, and my newfound confidence is helping at work.”

4. Fun

It’s been an incredibly tough few years for everyone. Have your employees felt isolated through furlough, detached through home working, highly stressed from a reduced workforce, grief or loss during lockdowns, or generally experienced low mood from the pandemic?

It’s time for some light-hearted fun!

While team building is brilliant for work-related goals, it’s also phenomenal for making people laugh. And we all need that now!

Furthermore, according to Pete Cann ‘The Laughter Man’laughter is like getting a gym membership for your heart. You’re on to a winner alongside laughter’s social and immune-supporting benefits!

Expert voice:

“There’s no denying that a good team building activity is fun. From various activity themes to global locations, there are plenty of opportunities to change the pace of a regular workday. Team building activities offer collaboration across departments, helping to build new workplace friendships and strengthen bonds.” – Nick Hume, Wildgoose

5. Motivation and morale

This one follows closely on the back of increased confidence.

Confident individuals are more likely to feel motivated. And it’s a feeling that tends to rub off across a team and the wider business, boosting enthusiasm and morale. 

While it’s a great situation to take back to the office after a team build, employers can maintain it by running team and company events throughout the year.

Expert voice:

“Today more than ever, company culture and employee appreciation are more important than ever. Whilst there are many ways to let an employee know they are valued and appreciated; a team building event shows employees that they are valued as a team member.  Several studies show that companies that foster a strong company culture typically have a lower employee turnover, more engaged employees, increased team morale, and better culture.” – Steve Perkins, GOTO Events

“Now more than ever, we have seen the pressures of working in different ways take their toll, and team building events are needed to help rebuild that morale, motivation and cross-team working. They help reinforce the message that every team member plays an important role in the business’s success and that every role – no matter the size – is vital. It also enables teams to learn new skills and take some time to focus on team wellbeing, which is important in today’s workplace.” – Martin Stephens, Off Limits.

“Team building activities can be both mentally and physically stimulating. From virtual quizzes that test trivia knowledge to in-person activities that see teams traversing unfamiliar cities, there’s a diverse range out there. Across the board, team building activities increase energy and can often inspire healthy competition, boosting morale and increasing motivation.” – Nick Hume, Wildgoose

6. Mental wellbeing

It’s no secret that giving your brain a workout by solving problems like Sudoku or a crossword can improve its function. Quizzes are great for enhancing memory and accuracy. Yet, when you face challenges as a team, you can also supercharge employee mental health.

This is partly down to the confidence and self-esteem we talked about in point 3It also stems from the sense of togetherness you provide employees.

Plus, outdoor team building activities can reduce anxiety or stress. 

Expert voice:

“Taking the time to play a team building activity is not just about play, it encourages a healthy break during the workday. Setting aside time to bring teams together for a fun activity supports balance for your employees.” – Nick Hume, Wildgoose

“Adding team building events into your corporate calendar shows that the company cares about its team’s wellbeing.” – Martin Stephens, Off Limits 


Whether it’s 30 mins during your company conference or a full-on team weekend away, team building is an ideal addition to many forms of corporate events.

“After nearly 30 years running corporate events, I have seen the benefits team building can bring to any event. Adding a team building element can build employee engagement like nothing else. I think finally, team building is being seen for the vital role it plays within a corporate calendar and the difference it makes to team spirit, cohesion, and wellbeing.” – Martin Stephens, Off Limits 

“After the rollercoaster of the past two years, team building is ever more important. It allows workforces to come back together, especially if they are still working from home. Our feedback says it all, companies are not sure what to expect, but in the end they all leave wanting more and ultimately coming back year on year!”  – Steve Perkins, GOTO Events

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