Incentives “The Greek Way”

Inspire and motivate your team with an incentive trip to Greece, a country that offers a huge variety of destinations and activity options.

Incentive travel programs not only reward success, but can also offer potential once in a lifetime experiences, so helping to increase staff retention and loyalty, along with enhancing performance.

Bien Venue will work with you to tailor make your perfect trip ensuring that your budgets and objectives are met.

We can suggest a package of experiences and activities that will make your incentive trip unique and memorable by blending a perfect combination of culture and heritage, food and wine, local attractions and fun events.

Bien Venue Recommends:
Greek Isles Mini Cruise Incentive

A special incentive onboard a privately chartered yacht or catamaran around the Aegean islands, taking in the islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina

The Islands

Hydra (ee-dhr-ah)

On the laid-back island of Hydra wheeled vehicles of any form, including bicycles, are banned, leading to a slow and gentle way of life that has attracted artists, musicians, actors, celebrities and travellers over the years. Donkeys are used to transport goods along the cobbled lanes and water taxis are the main method of transport around the island.


The busy harbour road of Poros Town is lined with lively cafes and tourist shops and is an entertaining place to while away a few hours. If you’re looking for a more peaceful time head for the upper village with its 1927 Clock Tower and small, winding streets or cross the isthmus to the pine trees and sandy beaches of Kalavria.

Aegina (eh-yi-nah)

Aegina is an island particularly rich in history and archeological sites, including the 5th century Temple of Aphaia and the Byzantine ruins of Paleohora. It’s a popular place for weekending Athenians and commuters.


Take part in water-based teambuilding activities, group activities on each island, a memorable meeting on the deck of your private yacht or just reward your team with some time to relax while sailing around the islands. Here are some of our favorite Greek activites:

  • Sea based treasure hunt – complete a series of tasks while cruising the waves in boats, a great team building activity.
  • Scuba diving – whether a group of novices or more experienced divers, the seas around the Aegean Islands are perfect to explore by flipper!
  • Crew for the day – brush up on your naval semaphore, navigation, naval course planning and diving in order to search for treasure!
  • Authentic Greek night with traditional Greek dancing.
  • Sightseeing of Ancient Greek sites.


Meal times are always a good opportunity for group bonding. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available on board every day of your cruise.

Evenings, however, provide the perfect opportunity to experience local hospitality on each of the islands you visit. Our dining recommendations include:

Douskos, Hydra

Situated in the main square, this popular restaurant is only 2 minutes walk from the harbour. Established180 years ago, it is frequented by visitors and locals alike.

Aspros Gatos, Poros

‘White Cat’ has been open since 1909 and is located next to the sea, only 400m from the main settlement of Poros Town. Sea taxi transfers are advised.

Remetzo,  Aegina

This traditional fish tavern overlooks the picturesque port of Perdika and has amazing sea views.

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